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2 day professional Basic and Beyond Photography Class Course Workshop in Singapore.

2 Day Professional Basic Photography Class Course Workshop in Singapore.

GET OUT OF THE AUTO MODE. Forget about the manual mode. Learn how to take creative control of your camera. Hear what others said about their experience in the 2 days professional basic photography class course workshop in Singapore.


  1.  Learn to control your camera. 

  2.  Get out of the AUTOMATIC mode

  3.  Maximize your camera features

  4. Learn to create POWERSHOT.

2 Day Professional Basic Photography course, class, workshop in Singapore.

Learn basic photography & get the most out of your cameras.

Learn to control your camera in the 2 Day Professional Basic Photography course, class, workshop in Singapore conducted by John Arifin.

The basic photography class, course, workshop will show you how to take better image and how to optimize your digital SLR, mirrorless camera and compact camera with the various features besides the AUTOMATIC mode. Now you can get the most out of your digital camera whether it is a Canon, Nikon, Olympus, Pentax, Panasonic, Leica or Sony.

Don't let poor images ruin your picturesque vacations or holidays. Simple to to follow classes in just 2 days on weekends or weekdays. Learn the basic photography techniques quickly and get a grip on the essentials in fast through the  2 day photography course, class and workshop in Singapore without being buried in the technical details. 

The 2 day photography courses, classes and workshops in Singapore are simple to follow so that complex technical jargons are easy to understand. Don't let your camera AUTOMATIC mode rule your image. Learn to control the camera.

Weekends and weekdays Photography classes & courses in Singapore

The 2 day photography course, class and workshop in Singapore are fun to learn in a very interactive way conducted in small group on weekdays or weekend in Singapore by John Arifin.

Your time is important, we specialize in short courses that are designed by experienced photographer to bring you up to speed quickly. Let our experience and numerous practical examples and photography tips enrich your learning experience.

Different course schedule and formats to choose from to fit your busy schedule:

1. Weekend 2 day photography course Singapore (Saturday afternoon, Sunday  afternoon) 

2. Weekdays 2 day photography class Singapore (Weekdays normally from 0900 to 1230 hrs )

3. Basic private 1 on 1 workshop ( flexible time ). 

2 day photography workshop Singapore.

What others said about the Basic Photography Class WS 101 in Singapore:


"I wasn't expecting to learn so much in just 2 days; explanations were clear and simple. I got great value out of it. I really enjoyed the course. Keep me posted on the next course. I especially liked the small group".

 Keith, Canon 6D.

For many years I have been learning photography through Youtube. Recently, I attended John's 2 day basic photography class in Singapore. I learned a lot from two day class in small group. John explained the concepts well in simple language using many examples. Although I know about the manual mode, the workshop helped to clarify the the points on various functions of my camera and shooting modes that helped me to solidify the fundamentals and strategies for taking better photo.

Babu, Nikon D800

John's 3 days workshop solved my 10 years dilemma. 

Siqi, Nikon DSLR

John was patient, professional, and quick to answer the million questions I had, and the result was one of those rare occasions when you actually learn something important and useful in a very short span of time.

L. Pasqual

John has made a technically difficult subject into something very simple. 

Patrick EOS 7D

John has a great way of explaining the complicated and technical side of the subject into a clear and easy way of understanding it.

Alison Nikon DSLR

I ploughed through two photography books not really understanding what I was doing but now I can use them as reference books as I now know all. 

Mee Ling

The explanations and instructions that John provided were simple and easy to follow. 

Lew ,OMD

John was confident in answering our many questions simply because he has extensive knowledge and experience in photography. It is difficult to find in Singapore, experts who can also impart and communicate their teachings well. 

Wee Peng

I have been taking photography lessons with other photography instructors over the years. But John’s approach is completely different and unique.  

John is friendly and easy-going. He doesn’t rush the participants into details and doesn’t give stacks of notes. He teaches progressively. He ensures that you understand the concept well before he moves on to the next step. His usage of technical terms is minimal. He gives short, crisp explanations in a simple manner that you will understand and remember for a long time. He is forthcoming to take any questions at any point of time. It was a real pleasure getting to know John as well as being in his class. It was worth the time and effort. I was able to grasp some difficult concepts and even some shots that I thought I would never be able to take. John made things so simple and he gave me the confidence to better teach photography to my junior pupils in school. 

VB, Canon EOS 70D

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