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Sharing my photography tips and thoughts before I took the image.

Here is a page for sharing some of my memorable images, how I photographed them and where they were captured.

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Low Light Photography in the rainforest

Photographing the tropical rainforest is one of the most challenging tasks to do as light is dim and animals are elusive. There are beautiful moments to capture the natural phenomenal especially during the golden hours.

This image was captured in the early morning from the top of Borneo Highlands, at 1300 m above sea level on the Penrissen Range border, over looking Kalimantan (Indonesia) in Sarawak during one of the photo workshops. Image was taken on tripod.



Orang Utan of Borneo

One of the prime attractions to the island of Borneo is the orange Utan. It is difficult to photograph orang human in the wild. I took this at the Semonggoh Nature Reserve about 1/2 hour away from Kuching in Sarawak. It is an excellent place to photograph lowland forest birds.

Eye contact for primate is very important as they are like human which give expressions.

I took this with 100-400 mm zoom without tripod with image stabiliser. Tripod is not allowed at the Semonggoh Nature Reserve.

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Sri Lanka the lepoard capital of the world

It was just before dawn that we set out to look for leopard in the Yala National Park in Sri Lanka in our safari jeep with Kulu Safari. Lo and behold, a mother and cub were playing on the open jungle dirt road. There were only two vehicles that morning that were lucky enough to capture the leopeards. 

Light was very dim, I had a f/2.8 lens but my shutter speed was very slow at 1/15 sec with image stabiliser on bean bag in order to gather more light without using a very high ISO. (Now, cameras are very advanced with high ISO performance. Then we were struggling even with ISO 2000). 

I love the moment when both mother and cub glanced at us before they disappeared into the bush.

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