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2 day professional  BEYOND Basic Photography Class Course Workshop in Singapore.

Close-up / Macro Photography Course, Workshop in Singapore 

The Infinite World of Macro Photography in Singapore

The world of macro photography is endless and stunning. What we don't see with our naked eyes could be revealed and captured through close-up and macro photography. Look closely and discover the wonderful world around us through macro photography. The 2 Day Close-up / Macro Photography Workshop in Singapore will open your eyes into the macro world around you.

What you will learn in the 2 day close-up / macro photography workshop in Singapore

This workshop will cover practical field close-up techniques that will transform your normal 28-70 mm or 70-200 mm zoom lens or 70-300 mm zoom into a superb macro lens with inexpensive accessories with TTL or manual fill-in flash to capture the detail of small subjects. You may not need to invest in expensive macro lens to attend this class. However, if you have already owned one, like 60mm or 105 mm macro lens, we will show you how to optimize your lens.

The close-up / Macro Photography Workshop will show you how to get razor sharp and stunning macro shots while discovering local floras and faunas during field trips. 

The two day workshop includes ;

Two field trips to the nature reserve or park will be conducted.

At the end of the session, you should be able to capture 

  • Images with various magnification from 1 : 3 to 1 : 1, 

  • Using electronic flash in close-ups and macro photography

  • Approach active insects such as butterfly or dragon fly in the field.


For the macro photography workshop :

  • Basic knowledge of photography is essential. 

  • D-SLR or mirror less camera with range of lenses such as 18-55 mm or 28-70mm or 70-200 mm or a macro lens.

  • There is no need to rush out to buy a macro lens just for the class. If you already have one, bring it in for the class.