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2 day short course in Photography workshop in Singapore

2 Day short course in Photography workshop in Singapore

2 day short courses and workshops in Photography in Singapore

Learn the basic photography techniques quickly and get a grip on the essentials in 3 day short course in Photography workshop in Singapore through Nature @ Work. In the 2 day Photography Workshop, course and class in Singapore with John Arifin, you won’t be buried in the technical details. The 2 day short course in Photography is simple to follow so that complex technical jargons are easy to understand . Photography classes and workshops are fun to learn in a very interactive way conducted in small group during weekday or weekend in Singapore by John Arifin.

Your Time is Important. Nature @ Work specializes in 2 Day short courses and classes in photography in SIngapore. Instruction manuals and books still can’t teach all these in just 12 hours (3 days). We are located

  1. Near Somerset MRT, Singapore.

  2. Lecture & field trip to maximize your learning experience

  3. Led and developed by John Arifin with more than 25 years of field experience

  4. Classes offer different skill levels in small group

Photography is A Journey

Mahua Kothi, Taj Safari, India

Photography is a journey, not a destination. It was not until 30 years ago that I took my journey seriously. How I wish at that time that I had someone who could guide me. Once I self taught the crafts and mastered the techniques, I started sharing my photography skills through photography class, course and workshop in Singapore 25 years ago at the local university. Our experience has taken us to India, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Sabah, Sarawak, Indonesia and China. Technology has changed for the better but the challenge is still the same ” How can I share someone what I have learned in years in the shortest possible time?” The 3 day photography class, course & workshop in Singapore today will take you through the photography journey by understanding first the camera, then applying your skills in different situations and be inspired by the power of images that will bring the best out of your photography in 2 days over weekend or weekday workshops.

No matter what your interest in photography is ; travel, commercial, fashion or portrait. You need to master the basic skills During the workshop, we will show you how in just 3 days

2 Day Short course in Photography in Singapore Let our experienced help you by improving your photography through the classes below. The workshops are led by John Arifin, a professional instructor and designed for amateurs who are interested in improving their digital photography in Singapore.

WS 101 Basic Photography Class for Absolute Beginners in Singapore

If you know nothing about photography or rely heavily on AUTOmatic mode, the Basic Photography Workshop 101 for Absolute Beginner will fit you well. See details of Basic Photography Course WS 101 and get out of the Auto mode.

WS 201 Beyond Basic Photography Course in Singapore

If you know basic photography skills and understand exposure skill well but never attended any formal training before and you wanted to take your skill to the next level then the Apply Practical Beyond Basic Photography Class WS 201 will enable you to integrate your knowledge and apply to different situations. See details of Apply Practical Beyond Basic Photography Class WS 201.

At the 2 day Nature @ Work Photography Workshop course class in Singapore, we work at different level on various subjects such as exposure, composition, maximizing the camera or on scenery, landscape, travel or family. You learn the photography techniques quickly and get a grip on the essentials in 3 days without being buried in the technical details. Your skills and techniques could be applied in event, fashion, holiday, landscape, people, street and wildlife photography.

By being able to control what you want rather than what the camera chooses is the key to creative control in photography.

Join me in the 2 day short courses and workshops in Photography in Singapore. See the schedule for the next class near you.

Sri Lanka, Leopard Safari 2011


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