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2 Day Travel Photography Workshop Singapore – Slowdown, be still and grab the moments….

2 day Travel Photography Workshop Singapore  –  Slow down, be still and grab the moments.

We had a 2 day photography workshop in Singapore last weekend.  After we nailed down the panning shots, everyone was eager to take the next challenge. Learning how to see and capture.

Panning image by Pankaj

The place was chaotic, busy but colorful.  What to shoot ? How to isolate? Where is the subject?

This is the time to

slow down, be still before we could grab the next moments


Color and sight of Singapore

We saw the potentials. Playing with shade and light. We called it the ” city scape”. By itself, it was interesting. But we need the extra elements.

“City scape”- shades created by the air conditioner condensers on the roof top.

This is the time to slow down and pause to look for a better opportunity. Lo and behold, a man with his empty wheel barrel cart passed by. We quickly stopped him and had a short conversation. All of the sudden, we all saw the opportunity unfolded in front of us.

Worth the wait

Below , Chee Boon used a shallow depth of field to bring out the LOCK.

What a moment by Jason

Abstracts by Pankaj

slow down, be still and grab the next moments


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