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6 Day Borneo Rainforest and Nature Photography Workshop, Tour & Tripwith John Arifin

6 Day Borneo Rainforest and Nature Photography Workshop,Tour & Trip with John Arifin

6 Day  Borneo Rainforest and nature photography workshop, tour & trip

Borneo Nature Photography Workshop Tour

Sunset at Bako National Park Sarawak, Borneo Photography Workshop Tour

The 6 day trip to Borneo rainforest recently was by far one of the most productive trips we ever had. Not only we saw good sighting of elusive tropical birds and frogs, collectively as a team of photographers during the Borneo Rainforest and Nature Photography Workshop and through the diversity of the group, we saw and captured more species as a group.

Our 6 day Borneo Rainforest and Nature Photography Workshop focused on three key areas:

  1. Macro photography in Borneo rainforest

  2. Bird and mammal photography in Borneo rainforest

  3. Scenic and landscape photography in Borneo rainforest

Trip highlights of Borneo rainforest & nature photography workshop

We had a fabulous and rewarding trip even though the

Asian Paradise Flycather

weather condition was hot and humid with occasional shower and thunderstorm. From Asian Paradise Flycatcher (White phase- see right), Red-bearded Bee Eater (breeding), Orang Utans, Wallace’s Flying Frog and Horn Frog.

Photography tips in the tropical rainforest. 6 Day Borneo Rainforest and Nature Photography WorkshopPhotographing in the rain forest is not easy as the subjects are elusive and the lighting is poor. Using ISO of 800-1600 is not uncommon in order to balance the ambient light with the TTL flash (slow synch) and maintaining desirable shutter speeds and controlling the noise level. As a rule, it is always better to reduce the noise in camera than to try to reduce the noise in post production.

When the sun’s ray warms the temperature up.The tropical rainforest isn’t always that gloomy with rain and mists all day as there are windows of beautiful blue skies. Join us in the next 6 day Borneo Rainforest and Nature photography

Wallace Flying Treefrog, Borneo

Wallace Flying Treefrog, Borneo

workshop April 2012.

Borneo photography Workshop, tour & trip date and details click here : 26 April 2012 to 1 May 2012.

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