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Birds, Oriental Honey Buzzards at Orchard Road Singapore

Birds, Oriental Honey Buzzards at Orchard Road Singapore

At 7:30 am, the crowd already formed and lines were building up at the annual OG Department Store sales at Orchard Road prior to the opening hours. As a nature lover, my attention was on something above the crowd near Orchard Central Shopping Centre.

Crowd forming in front of the shopping centre at Orchard Road

I spotted a rather large bird and later found another one perching nearby quietly. They were  Oriental Honey Buzzards (OHB). According to my friend, Alan AwYong of the Nature Society Singapore, Bird Group, “The birds are probably resting at Orchard Road on their migration in March “.  Last year, Alan and a few others counted a few hundred birds near Tuas ( the west-end of Singapore) during the migration period.

Bird, Oriental Honey Buzzard Orchard Road Singapore

Oriental Honey Buzzard Singapore with Orchard Central Shopping Centre in the background.

I ran back and got my camera at around 8 am to record the two birds near the junction of Killiney Road and Orchard Road just above the Killiney Post Office. While they seemed to be resting when I first saw them at 7:30 am.  By  8 am, they were chasing small birds on the trees just above the Singapore Post Office. After I photographed both of them, they flew off. It was amazing to see these raptors, Oriental Honey Buzzards in Orchard Road Singapore.

Bird, Oriental Honey Buzzard in Orchard Road Singapore


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