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Blue-winged Pitta & Mangrove Pitta, Singapore

Blue-winged & Mangrove Pitta, Singapore

The Blue winged Pitta is a pretty bird seek by bird watchers and bird photographers alike. Many people have seen and photographed the birds in Singapore. In the recent weeks, the sightings of the Blue-winged Pitta have increased. Just this afternoon there was even the Mangrove Pitta that is extremely tame, which is approachable even with short telephoto lens.

Very tame Mangrove Pitta in Singapore

Mangrove Pitta Singapore

Blue-winged Pitta Singapore- Saddle Club

Blue-winged Pitta SIngapore

My most memorable  encounter with the Blue-winged Pitta in Singapore was 3 years ago when one flew into our living room in the month of April.  He finally flew off after the R & R at our home for a few days. We were glad to see him off.

Blue-winged Pitta Singapore

Blue-winged Pitta Singapore I used a camera hide to make an “aviary” so that the pitta could fly freely. Did you see the swimming pool ? Pitta is at the centre.

The Blue-winged Pitta stayed at the “Pitta Suite” with “swimming pool” in my make-shift aviary made of my photography hide. I was very happy to see him bathing and drinking from the pool.

How to see the difference between the Blue-winged Pitta and the Mangrove Pitta ?

1. Mangrove Pitta head colour is generally darker (Darker brown)

2. Mangrove Pitta has larger and heavier bill use to feed on molluscs and crabs on the mangrove mudflats

(Reference: Phillipps Field Guide to the Birds of Borneo)

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