• John Nat Arifin

Brown-Chested Jungle Flycatcher, Singapore

Brown-Chested Jungle Flycatcher, Singapore.

I think it is a jungle out there. First it was the Red Junglefowls, now the Brown-Chested Jungle Flycatcher.

The Brown-Chested Jungle Flycatcher is a winter migrant to Singapore. I started noticing it about a week ago at my fence perching on its favourite tree ( or branch ) scooping insects or worm from the ground. Brown-Chested Jungle Flycatcher is rather predictable, I saw it  around the same area at about the same time.

I took the images with 300mm lens handheld with a manual Metz AF-44 flash at 1/8 power at ISO 640.

Brown-Chested Jungle Flycatcher.

Brown-Chested Jungle Flycatcher Singapore



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