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Creative Travel Photography, Singapore

What is Creative Travel Photography ?

Are snap shots of our travel images enough to be called travel photography ? What makes travel photography interesting and challenging that evoke feelings about the place we visit ? Travel photography is a sub category of photography just like fashion photography or portrait that it focuses on certain subjects. We see travel photography involving the documentation of landscape, culture, architecture, food and people. It must express the feeling of time and place in a natural state ; it is not staged. It includes wide variety of subjects as you can see and they are under various lighting conditions such as low light,indoor and other form of natural and artificial lights by capturing moments that are captivating or rarely occur on our day to day life.

Travel Photography Workshop Singapore-Landscape photography using HDR technique

Travel Photography Workshop Singapore- shooting in very lowlight condition without tripod

Creative approach to travel photography

Someone once asked me ” which mode did you shoot when you travel ?” It depends on what you want to achieve. The play of aperture, shutter speed and ISO are the core of creative photography. If you just shoot one mode such as the ” automatic” because  you don’t know much about camera , then you will get pretty much the same pictures throughout the trip.

Travel Photography Workshop Singapore- Portraits with story

Self Portrait- Creative travel photography Singapore

Equipment for travel photography

Many of us are always very eager to get latest and greatest gadgets for our travel. While equipment is important, your skills and visions ( i.e. your ability to master the camera is more important).  Make sure you are familiar with your camera. Do make use of all your equipment or don’t bring it with you. Recently, I included my iPhone as part of my tools to get panorama and video. I also tend to carry less than to load my shoulders with bags of lenses . Remember that ” less is more”. In my recent trip to Spain, I used two lenses ; a wide angle zoom and telephoto zoom. I left my sturdy tripod at home.

Travel Photography Workshop Singapore- Panorama

Creative travel photography Singapore

Creative Travel photography

Good travel photographer requires command of certain types of photography including people, landscape and architecture.  Share with us some of your memorable creative travel photos.


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