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Leopards . Wildlife photography workshop Sri Lanka

Leopards, wildlife photography workshop Sri Lanka.

Leopards. Wildlife photography workshop Sri Lanka

Some wildlife experts believe that Yala National Park houses one of the world’s highest density of leopards. See what we photographed in the wildlife photography workshop in Sri Lanka. Since leopard in Sri Lanka stays at the top of the predator tree (unlike the tiger in India), it is a lot easier to spot leopards in Sri Lanka. Yala National Park is definitely a place to visit if you want to see a leopard, the big cat of Sri Lanka.

Sri Lanka Leopard and cub at Yala National Park with Kulu Sararis

Leopards – wildlife photography workshop in Sri Lanka, was not easy to spot especially in the wet season. One morning, before the break of dawn, on the quiet forest road, we spotted a mother and her cub playing in very dim light. Our jeep stopped, my heart was pounding seeing such a beautiful moment of two leopards in Sri Lanka. I rested my camera on the beanbag, cranked my ISO to as high as my camera could take and fired away one of the most amazing moments we had in Yala National Park shooting leopards in Sri Lanka ( See image above ).

You can see more on Leopards wildlife photography workshop in Sri Lanka in the link.


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