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My Neighbourhood Gems! Singapore photography contest, seminar & network

My Neighbourhood Gems! Singapore photography contest, seminar & network

My Neighbourhood GEMS! Lifestyle Masters Series, A Photography journey organized on 14 April 2012 at Buona Vista Community Club by PMET Division@PA.

There were more than 200 participants. The occasion was graced by Minister MG(NS) Chan Chun Sing, acting Minister for Community Development, Youth and Sports and Minister of State for Information, Communications and Arts.

My Neighbourhood Gems! SIngapore photography contest, seminar & network

The speakers and judges: John Arifin and Joseph Goh shared valuable photography ideas with the photo enthusiasts. They and Justin Ng were the judges for the photography contest,

The heavy rain in the afternoon and the winning photos: The afternoon and evening were not only packed with photography activities but with food & wines, and photo sessions for family members. The heavy afternoon rain did not dampened the spirit. It brought photographic opportunities during and after the rain. In the top 3 entries, 2 out 3 winning entries took advantage of the the rain.

Registration at the Buona Vista Community Club Singapore

Getting ready for dinner at the My Neighbourhood Gems. A photography journey Singapore

Dinner was served. My Neighbourhood Gems. A Photography journey

Participants submitting entries for the contest

Networking sessions with food and wine

Speakers and audience. My Neighbourhood Gems! A Photography Journey Singapore.

Photography brought unity in the diverse culture- My Neighbourhood Gems! Singapore photography contest, seminar & network: The winners, the judges and Minister were able to share their thoughts and reflections on the images which brought back old memories about the neighbourhood and the progressed it has made over the last few decades. The event brought people of different backgrounds in the community who love photography to have a chance to network and share their neighbourhood gems through the event.

Justin Ng, Joseph Goh, Minister Chan Chun Sing and John Arifin (Left to right)

The first prize winner received a Canon Powershot G1X plus $888 cash at My Neighbourhood Gems! Singapore photography contest, seminar & network. Congratulations to all the winners. The event was sponsored by Canon, Mazda, Cathay Photo,Serenity Spanish Bar & Restaurant, JC Wine and ServTouch.

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