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Owl, Birds near Orchard Road Singapore at night.

Owl, Birds near Orchard Road Singapore at night.

Orchard Road is well known for its birds such as Mynahs and Crows that gather and roost on trees along  the shopping belt on Orchard Road at dusk. You may have seen pigeons along the road but have you heard or seen owls near Orchard Road Singapore at night?

It was  930-10:00 pm on Sunday night. The shops at Orchard Road had long closed. My daughter  and I were to take a stroll to the nearest  Seven-eleven outlet. I heard an unusual call ( ignore the sound of night jar in the foreground)  from the nearby tree up above us  along the main road. I asked my daughter if she heard it. She said ” Yes”.  We tried to locate the source of the calls across the street. She spotted  ” a big black bird”  on the tree branch across the street. There were two of them she said ( but she did not see the other bird, she only heard the calls).  I was blinded by the street light that I missed the birds completely when they flew off.

I was excited but disappointed that I did not even get a glimpse to  identify the bird. My daughter and I have been bird watching  in Borneo last year. She thinks that  they must be some kind of owls as they were big . We looked around but could not find the birds. So we proceeded to the Seven-eleven outlet.

Owl , birds near Orchard Road Singapore at night

On the way back, I kept wondering what kind of owls they could be. As we were approaching the traffic light, I saw a black bird perching on the road sign in front of us. I quickly took my phone and snapped a photo ( see above) . As i took the above picture, a young man, who was oblivious of the bird, ran toward road sign. The bird flew  away and perched on a tree nearby.  I dashed home to pick up my camera  and flash while my daughter kept her eyes on the bird. Here is what we got on camera.

Spotted Wood-Owl, birds near Orchard Road Singapore at night

Owl , birds near Orchard Road Singapore at night

The bird flew away after perching on the branch for the last 1 hour.   The owl is the Spotted Wood owl. Has anybody seen Spotted Wood owl near Orchard Road in Singapore ? Here is also a sighting report of hornbills in Singapore near Orchard  Road.

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