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Reddish Scops Owl- Birds of Borneo

Reddish Scops Owl- Birds of Borneo

Reddish Scops Owl Borneo

We were in Kubah National Park in Sarawak, Malaysian Borneo in October 2011 looking for owl. It was about 8 pm on the main road in the park. The road was pitched dark. We heard the faint call of the Reddish Scops Owl. The call is a single rather high pitched drawn out note hew repeated at 7- 10 second interval (Phillipps Field Guide to the Birds of Borneo by Quentin & Karen Phillipps). The bird was very shy. It was not till 9:30 pm that we had a good view of the bird. While the owl was cooperative at the end, the drifting mist did not help us at all as the pictures become foggy and blur. The bird stayed for 5-10 minutes before it disappeared.

Shooting owl in total darkness is a challenge. I normally use manual setting with TTL flash. Focusing was using a very strong torch light and manually focus the subject on the view finder. Camera and lens were on tripod.

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