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Southern Pied Hornbill, birds near Orchard Road, Singapore

My daughter left for school at 7:25 am. She messaged me “Daddy, there’s a hornbill outside”.  i got the camera and dashed downstairs but the hornbill was not there.  It was supposed to be just outside our apartment near the gate. Later, at about 8:05 am, I took my labrador for his usual morning walk.  Anna asked me to bring the camera along.  I walked around the apartment block where I noticed many of the palm trees were fruiting. A large bird landed on the Tanjong tree in front of me about 3 m above the ground. It was a Southern Pied Hornbill.  A Southern Pied hornbill @ Orchard Road, Singapore?

Southern Pied Hornbill in Orchard Road Singapore

Southern Pied Hornbill @ Orchard Road Singapore

Looking at the legs closely, I noticed rings attached to them. Probably an escapee.  About  8 years ago, my daughter also spotted a Southern Pied Hornbill from her bedroom window perching on the tree behind the apartment.

The next tome you come by Orchard Road area,who knows, you may see the Southern Pied Hornbill at Orchard Road  SIngapore (instead of Pulau Ubin).

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