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Personal 1 on 1 Training in Photography with John Arifin in Singapore

Private & personal 1 on 1 photography workshop, course & class Singapore


If you have a very busy schedule that you cannot join our group photography workshop, class and course in Singapore or you have a very special need in bringing up your photography skills, consider the Private 1 on 1 photography course, class and workshop in Singapore.

Private & personal 1 on 1 photography workshop, course & class Singapore

Let our experienced and professional photographer help you by improving your photography skills through the one-on-one coaching. Working at different level on various subjects such as exposure, composition, maximizing the camera or on scenery, landscape, travel or family. The Private 1 on 1 photography course, class and workshop in Singapore can get you up to speed in just 2 days. 

John has more 25 years of experience in coaching and guiding photographers to reach their potential.

Typical Workshop Format (depending on individual needs). Approximately 3.5 hours on first session. Another 3.5 hours for second session inclusive of outing, theory and review. Total 7 hours of personal one-on-one coaching with John Arifin.

What others said about the personal 1 on 1 workshops

John Arifin is an admirable, inspiring professional in so many ways, and we were impressed by this from the moment we contacted him for a set of private lessons. His immediate responsiveness and highly engaging and effective teaching style created an ideal learning environment. John makes lessons simple, memorable and powerful -- even with just one adjustment to the framing or lighting or speed of our photos, he helped us unlock the potential of greater beauty.

John is extremely skilled at his work and has successfully taught many students over 25 years, but what we found almost more meaningful than his accomplishments is his gentle humility, and his genuine love and enthusiasm for the art and science of photography. He still retains this wonderfully fresh awe for the magic that photography can create and capture -- a most positive, respectful, and contagious approach. There is always something more to learn and discover ... and thanks to John and our newly acquired knowledge, we are excited to continue doing so! Thank you, John!

Sue & Chad, Canon EOS 60D, August 2012

I booked 2 half day Private 1 on 1 photography course, class and workshop in Singapore with John. I have a good deal of experience as a photographer but John was able to adapt his instruction and expertise to my own levels and between us, we had a good time. John is enthusiastic, good fun and a great instructor. I think I can also say that he actually gained something from the experience too, so all round, the 2 days were of excellent value. My skills behind the lens have been honed by John and I am delighted with the new – and much improved - results I am achieving.

Clive, Nikon D80, London

I really enjoyed Private 1 on 1 photography course, class and workshop in Singapore. You have really been instrumental in my learning curve and in a few weeks time. I 'd like to schedule another session with you to learn more about how to take good photographs and learn more advanced techniques.

Katherine, Nikon D3X, Singapore.

Recently I attended a two session, one on one, course with John, and I must say it was enlightening! Despite having taken pictures for a number of years I'm very much an "eye" photographer, so my actual understanding of the camera's workings were limited.

Through a mixture of pictorial representations and practical experimentation, John explained the relationship between the mechanical workings of the camera and their relationship to good picture taking.In a plain, clear and concise manner, John's practical sessions developed my grasp of the more technical aspect of photography, and the camera I use, and I have already incorporated this into some of my work.

All in all a very worthwhile two days.

Stephen B, EOS, April 2012



Personal 1 on 1 Training in Photography with John Arifin in Singapore

Preparing For Photo Tour To Arctic Circle in Singapore

I loved travelling all over the world capturing images but was really limited by a lack of technical understanding of what I could achieve with my camera. In a moment of madness I booked to go on an exclusive photo tour of the arctic circle with a small number of real photographers - and panicked. I knew I couldn't completely redress the balance in the short time I had, but luckily I turned to John and he was tremendously helpful in raising my game and moving my photography to the next level. Not only did we review all the basics to help my base confidence, but we covered some advanced techniques and even went on a couple of photo shoots together to reinforce the gains I had made.

The best part was a visit to the zoo to "meet and greet" the polar bears! 

John also helped me with organising my photo files and we practiced some lightroom techniques together. I am tremendously grateful to John for his patience and knowledge - I am still using what he taught me and my photos are far the better for it.

Stephenie Scott, EOS 5DIII, London

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Personal 1 on 1 Training in Photography with John Arifin in Singapore

Dr. Sajed from Kuwait shared with me about his photography interests and the areas he wanted to improve while visiting Singapore. Here is his experience.

"My two days one-to-one session with John was a great experience. John showed to be very knowledgeable and helpful. Moreover, He was very flexible to respond to all of my queries and requests.

I was very pleased during those two days and I highly recommend John to anyone who wants to master the art of Photography

Dr Sajed, EOS 5D3,Kuwait



Personal 1 on 1 Training in Photography with John Arifin in Singapore

During my short visit to Singapore in November of 2014, I attended a one on one, photography session with John Arifin. I must say, it took my photography knowledge to a radically new and exciting place.

John is an admirable professional. I am very inspired and impressed by his
professionalism from the moment we made contact and started our private lesson. He is highly engaged in his profession. He is very skilled and knowledgeable on the subject matter and an excellent teacher. His calm, patient and engaging teaching style with on the field practical learning session makes learning more memorable and easy.

I have been an amateur photographer using film cameras for years. But now I have switched to a full-frame DSLR. After working with John, gave me the knowledge and the courage to use various options (Aperture Priority, Shutter Priority and Program Priority) of my camera settings comfortably. John breaks it down in plain and simple terms, first, being proficient with your camera, choosing the correct exposure, and the composition in what urban features to incorporate in capturing a street photograph that tell a story.

Singapore is a wonderful, vibrant and colorful city. It is a melting pot of mainly Chinese, Malay, Indian, and British cultures. Ethnic neighborhoods are a gem to photograph. This is where I practiced what I have learned from John during our theory discussions. We touched on choosing the correct exposure while adjusting shutter speed and ISO settings, effective composition and framing, using fill in flash when needed, shooting moving subjects, shooting moving objects at a low shutter speed while panning the camera, and HDR photography. 

I have learned to pay careful attention to the composition of each image I capture. I have a grasp of what f-stop and shutter speed mean and how to use them together effectively, (along with the formal elements of composition, etc.) to control the photographic image. And, I have also gained the confidence to be more creative.

I am very grateful to John for sharing his expertise and knowledge. I have had a
wonderful experience spending the day shooting street scenes through Singapore. John provided many approaches and fun techniques for shooting
on the street. Through John I have discovered the joy of shooting with a purpose rather than just waiting for something to inspire me. It has made all the difference.

You have most definitely inspired me and ignited an intense desire to shoot more on the street projects. Thank you very much John for helping me to take another step in advancing to the next level in my Photography passion. I will definitely keep you in mind for a refresher session next time I am in Singapore.

Shamsul A. Nikon D610
Michigan, USA

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Personal 1 on 1 Training in Photography with John Arifin in Singapore

I've been taking pictures for a decade, trying to get better and better at it and actually getting better. You can read and experiment but there is always a moment where there are just too many variables to experiment with and you need guidance. My favourite subject is animal photography and when I did look for an experienced photographer to help me, quite naturally I contacted John Arifin. 

The time spent with John was highly enabling for me. At the end of the day, I did not learn an impressive lot of things, actually it was a surprisingly low number of things but each one of them makes the difference between a good and a mediocre picture. 

Mostly it was about exposing right and using a flashgun for fill light and low light. I have always shied away from using a flash, preferring natural light, but John was able to effectively make me more comfortable with a flashgun. I also asked John that we look together at the digital workflow but that part was short: you don't need to spend that much time in the workflow if the pictures are well exposed in the first place…

I am very grateful to John for sharing such valuable experience and knowledge. I am also glad we had a good time chasing birds. I would not hesitate to do it again or to participate to one of his photographic trip. 

Chris, EOS 5DIII+500mm f/4.0, January, Singapore

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